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Empower Your Space and Community: Art with Impact – 25% to You, 25% to Charity, 25% to the Artist, 25% to ArtfullyGiving

Founded by John Harrison, a veteran of renowned corporations and the visionary behind Salesforce's VVRM methodology (Vision, Value, Roadmap, and Measure).

John Harrison has been a travel and nature photographer for two decades. His work has been featured in National Geographic, showcased on network television, and used for visual reference in research and documentaries.

A Legacy is Born

ArtfullyGiving pioneers giving with art. 


So whether you are an interior designer, facilities manager, art director, or real estate agent or want a cool piece of art for your home, ArtfullyGiving has a model that will work for you.​


ArtfullyGiving operates on a profit model where 25% of the profit from every art sale is donated to social and environmental nonprofits, with the option for 100% tax-deductible cash donations for campaigns. The profit allocations are distributed equally among four entities: nonprofits, artists, corporate sponsors, and ArtfullyGiving.


View this CBS news story highlighting one of our nonprofits who help the homeless in Chicago, and that benefit from your participation and purchases of our art. Click the photo to see the news story.

We offer art for your home or workspace.  Each piece is delivered to your specifications.  From a budget-conscious framed poster to a magnificently prepared acrylic museum-quality medium

We then innovate with the power of art within a company's giving strategy to effectively communicate and support its stakeholders while enhancing top and bottom-line performance. 

Art Impact Zone

iStock-1216023129 Green Conference Room.jpg

For each Art Impact Zone, 25% of the net profit is donated to the nonprofits you support. 

Each Art Impact Zone comprises four commercial art pieces 


25% of Net Cost of Goods Sold

  • Allocation: Up to 4 nonprofits per Art Impact Zone

  • Context: Aligned with an encompassing Campaign dedicated to their respective causes


25% of Net

  • Allocation: Corporate Sponsor of the Art for Impact Zone(s)


25% of Net

  • Allocation: Supports the artist behind the work


25% of Net

  • Allocation: Supports Artfully Giving's initiatives and further development

This distribution model efficiently outlines the utilization of funds generated from the net proceeds, offering a comprehensive overview for strategic decision-making.

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