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You always knew your art could change the world…

Become a Contributing Artist

Thank you for your interest in becoming a contributing artist on ARTFULLY GIVING – a community of artists, nonprofits, and corporate partners working together in a whole new way.

ARTFULLY GIVING is a platform that allows you to support the most important causes through non-exclusive printing rights donations.

In our model:

  • Artists donate the rights to reproduce up to six of their most popular images (no exclusive rights required)

  • The ARTFULLY GIVING Platform produces high end backlit “Artlit” prints (at no cost to the artist)

  • Corporations purchase beautiful crafted illuminated art, pro photography to display on their walls or accessories.

  • 25% of the profit from each sale goes directly to the charity of the purchaser’s choice and 100% of the profit goes back into the ARTFULLY GIVING - which adds the charity as a stakeholder (e.g. corporate shareholder) so they can continue to receive financial support from the transaction long after the sale is complete.

Ready to join the movement?
100% of the art on ARTFULLY GIVING is donated by artists who want their work to support important causes.


In exchange for their contribution, each of our participating artists receives:

  1. A headshot and shot bio linking to their website/portfolio on our Contributing Artists page.

  2. Inclusion in our online, social, and print promotion materials

  3. Retained rights to their work along with the ability to have it removed from ARTFULLY GIVING at any time.

  4. Full artist credit for work purchased by corporate clients and displayed in public venues.

Common Artist FAQ
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