Artfully Giving Cityscapes


Fog lifting from the city’s heights. Sunset illuminated across blocks of skyscrapers. The delicate line where the city meets the sea. Breathtakingly captured through aerial photography, our cityscapes allow the viewer to see the city in a new light.

Our Artlit Illuminations

Our ArtLit Box displays bring the stunning photography of our donor artists to life with full LED illumination, created in custom handmade box frames. Unlike some backlit art, our ArtLit´s use the highest quality printing and production processes available:

Gold-Standard LED-Illumination Technology

Duratrans (Fujitrans) Continuous Tone Printing

Flexible Framing Sizes and Configurations

25% of profit of every sale is donated to social and environmental nonprofits

¨ I´m grateful every day that my years of hard work have given back to me in ways that feed my passions. I live in a room with a view overlooking Lake Michigan and downtown Chicago. I have endless opportunities to see how Mother Nature meets us each day with a new face from a POV that few others see. This is my gift to myself and you.¨


John Harrison