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Our Stakeholders
Artfully Giving Project Aware
Artfully Giving WWF
Artfully Giving NAACP
Artfully Giving Nature Conservancy
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Artfully Giving NRDC
Artfully Giving Shared Hope
Artfully Giving Greenpeace

25% of profit from every sale is donated to social and environmental nonprofits

Purchasing pro photography or accessories on the Artfully Giving site directly benefits one of our nonprofit partner organizations, but every purchase also contributes to the long-term sustainability of ALL of our partners. How? In the Artfully Giving model, our nonprofit partners and organizations are also our stakeholders. The more we grow, the better they do, so your gift becomes a sustaining contribution to the causes you care most about.

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Artfully Giving Project Aware
Artfully Giving WWF
Artfully Giving Pro Photography
Want to see your organization added to this list?

Artfully Giving is working with nonprofit stakeholders to help them raise money for the greater good of our planet and to support human and animal rights. Contact us to see how your nonprofit organization or mission-based company can get involved!

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