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By John Harrison

Serengeti Sunset

Photo by John Harrison

This photograph captures a truly magical moment that I experienced while on Safari with my wife in 2013. During this unforgettable trip, my wife and I tied the knot with the Chief of the Maasai people serving as our master of ceremony.

It was an honor to have such an important figure officiate our marriage. But that's not all that made this trip special. It was also the first time I had my work published by NatGeo, a milestone that I am extremely proud of. One of my most popular works from this trip is a photograph of the Umbrella Thorn Acacia at sunset pictured above.

This iconic tree is one of the most recognizable features of the African savanna, thriving in the sand dunes and rocky grounds of the grasslands. It's incredible to think that Acacias can survive in extreme temperatures ranging from 120°F during the day to freezing temperatures at night, all while surviving with as little as 1.5 inches of annual rainfall.

But what really makes this photograph stand out is the backdrop of the Serengeti sunset. There's truly nothing like it on Earth. The unique colors of the sunset are a result of the sun's low position in the sky, causing its light to travel through more of the atmosphere. This scatters the blue light away, leaving behind the red, orange, and yellow hues that make sunsets so stunning. The dry air of the Serengeti helps scatter the sunlight even further, making the colors of the sunset even more vibrant. And with no pollution to obstruct the view, we're able to experience the full range of colors produced by the scattering of sunlight. 

It's a breathtaking sight that I feel fortunate to have captured in this photograph and now offering this to you as a limited edition Gallery Acrylic Facemount.

This Limited-Time Commercial Art Offer Ends

JULY 31, 2023

25% of net profits will be donated to

The African Wildlife Foundation and

The Massai Wilderness Conservation Trust.

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Also available as a one of one NFT, contact us for current value.

60" x 40" Gallery Acrylic Facemount

Acrylic facemounts are very popular mediums for photographers, art galleries, and fine art applications. Since an acrylic facemount has greater longevity, durability, and quality of materials, it is also ideal for creating wall art for the home or corporate art.

Acrylic Facemount ArtMill.png


Your image is printed on archival photographic paper using pigment-based inks with Epson professional printers. Utilizing all-new high-performance printhead technology, the print colors and quality are fine art and industry-best. We add a subtle glow to your print, with a metallic print upgrade - a perfect effect for this image. 

On our Gallery Acrylic Facemount, there is no added space between the acrylic and the print. This enhances the image and its colors and reflects them brilliantly in your home or gallery. This vibrant option's unique style has easily become a favorite among professional artists and galleries.

The materials alone produce superior quality and color accuracy; the resolution, depth, and vibrancy of colors on photo paper are unmatched. The photo print is then facemounted to a quality acrylic using an opti-clear, pH-neutral adhesive with UV inhibitors.

Size: 60x40
Gallery Acrylic Facemount
Epson Metallic Photo Paper
1/4“ Trulife Acrylic
This photo will use our aluminum framing option which is lighter, more rigid, and better structurally. Hanging hardware provided.

Different sizes and mediums may be custom designed. Most of the art on Artfully Giving is suitable to be upgraded to high-end gallery quality. Contact us for a consultation

A Spectacular Serengeti Sunset

As the sun begins to dip below the horizon in the Serengeti, the sky becomes ablaze with hues of orange, pink, and red. It's a breathtaking sight that captures the essence of the African savannah and leaves visitors awestruck.


The Serengeti is a vast ecosystem spanning across Tanzania and Kenya, home to an abundance of wildlife and natural wonders. From the annual wildebeest migration to the towering Mt. Kilimanjaro, there's no shortage of sights to see.

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