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Introducing Art-As-A-Service

Art that makes you money

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In corporate and residential settings, artwork adorns walls, enhancing aesthetics, complementing decor, and establishing an atmosphere. At Artfully Giving, we elevate this concept to a more profound level. We channel the power of art to drive impact, directing a portion of each purchase toward supporting 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.

Whether acquiring our art for personal spaces or business environments, each purchase triggers a charitable contribution. With photographic art, a singular photograph has the potential to generate multiple contributions towards a cause. Upon acquiring art from Artfully Giving, a QR code facilitates the acquisition of additional copies of a specific photograph, perpetuating its charitable impact. This distinctive approach ensures an ongoing cycle of contribution. Each art piece champions a campaign associated with a nonprofit organization(s) chosen during the sale transaction with Artfully Giving, thereby fostering meaningful alignment between art appreciation and philanthropic endeavors.

Artfully Giving is a platform that aims to revolutionize the integration and communication of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts. With a focus on leveraging the transformative power of art, Artfully Giving enables organizations to connect their CSR initiatives uniquely. Companies can use their physical walls and websites as a meaningful communication canvas to engage employees and customers while elevating their collective impact and enhancing their brand identity.

Our artistic creations are structured as Art Impact Zones, meticulously designed for prominent placement in various settings such as lobbies, conference rooms, websites, and Customer Experience Centers—essentially any location where they can garner attention from staff and clientele. Each Art Impact Zone comprises a quartet of carefully curated Commercial Art pieces. Notably, all the artwork featured on our platform is eligible for an upgrade to gallery and museum standards, classified as Commercial Art, characterized by its dimensions and materials. In contrast, Home Art is fashioned with more cost-effective materials, yielding smaller, more budget-conscious designs.

Art Impact Zone

iStock-990274540 white couch.jpg

For each Art Impact Zone, a custom QR code will be designed to seamlessly lead the scanner to a dedicated link detailing your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) pledge, along with information about the nonprofit(s) that the images endorse. Moreover, each individual image is accompanied by its distinct QR code. This facilitates viewers procuring the same artwork for their personal spaces or workplaces, effectively aligning with the outlined model to contribute to the designated cause.

Our Free Offer

Each Art Impact Zone consists of four Commercial Art pieces and a free Profit Growth Assessment. This strategic alignment bolsters your comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. We guarantee an improvement in financial performance, double your Art Impact Zone investment. A detailed report and roadmap outlining actionable measures for capitalizing on financial enhancements will be provided. If we cannot deliver that, your first year's Art Impact Zone is free, and renewals for subsequent years are optional. Art-As-A-Service contracts maintain an annual prepayment structure.


25% of Net Cost of Goods Sold

  • Allocation: Up to 4 nonprofits per Art Impact Zone

  • Context: Aligned with an encompassing Campaign dedicated to their respective causes


25% of Net

  • Allocation: Corporate Sponsor of the Art for Impact Zone(s)


25% of Net

  • Allocation: Supports the artist behind the work


25% of Net

  • Allocation: Supports Artfully Giving's initiatives and further development

This distribution model efficiently outlines the utilization of funds generated from the net proceeds, offering a comprehensive overview for strategic decision-making.

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