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Our Smart Art


Smart art, created by Artfully Giving, combines the beauty of AI digital art and photographic art with the power of a smart contract on the blockchain. Each smart art print sold not only provides stunning wall decor but also gives back to the community.


We have unique art created by individual artists and also AI rendered art that we can offer to our patrons. In addition, we have created a Smart Contract on the Web3.0 Blockchain to track the donations from Smart Art sales so that there is total transparency between the buyer (donor), the nonprofit and the artist about the sale. We believe this will bring added benefits to optimize the use of donations for causes that are meaningful to our donors, nonprofit  institutions as well as other stakeholders.

25% of the profits from every smart art sale is donated to our Big Five Charities or to a running campaign, as specified by the smart contract. This ensures that every purchase not only enhances your home but also makes a difference in the world. By leasing the smart contract to a charity for a specific campaign, we are further committing to our mission of using art to make a positive impact.

Join us at Artfully Giving in supporting and empowering our global community through the beauty of Smart Art.

If you have a charity you are passionate about supporting please reach out to us to discuss joining our team as an independent contractor.  We will evaluate your charity for fit with Artfully Giving.  If your cause is accepted you will be compensated for all art sold that is aligned with your cause and you as the program manager for that campaign. 

Email us your details at and please include your resume. We will promptly review the info and get back to you to discuss partnership opportunities. We appreciate your desire to make this world a better place!


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