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Pancake ice is a type of ice formation that occurs in cold, turbulent water. It is named after its unique shape, which resembles a stack of pancakes or small circular discs. These large discs of ice have raised edges that are sloping inwards towards the center, giving them a distinctive appearance.

Pancake ice forms when the surface of the water is below freezing point, and the water is in motion, such as in oceans, lakes, or rivers. Under these conditions, frazil ice forms first, which are tiny ice crystals that stick together to form larger discs. As these discs grow in size, they begin to bump into each other and form a cluster, which then begins to move around due to the motion of the water. Over time, these clusters of discs begin to freeze together, forming larger sheets of pancake ice.

The exact conditions required for pancake ice to form can vary, but they generally require a combination of cold air and water temperatures, wave action, and wind. In some cases, pancake ice can form in areas where freshwater meets saltwater, such as in estuaries or near river mouths.

Pancake ice can be a beautiful and fascinating natural phenomenon to observe, but it can also pose hazards to ships and other vessels traveling in cold, icy waters.

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