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Introducing CARES


One of my significant career achievements was creating and branding the VVRM Sales methodology at Salesforce. This framework consistently delivered substantial value to the company and its customers. Beyond my corporate successes, my passion for art and photography has garnered recognition, including prestigious awards and features in National Geographic.

CARES takes VVRM to the next level. CARES supports your mission and is a powerful tool for effectively communicating your CSR initiatives to employees and customers, enhancing your brand's image. By choosing the CARES consulting package and investing in an Art Impact Zone, you actively contribute to positive change while receiving expert guidance in elevating your customer experience and financial results.

C: Customer Experience Lifecycle Workshop

  • To improve top and bottom-line performance, rationalize people, processes, and technology across the customer experience lifecycle.

A: Assessment of Value and Impact

  • You can evaluate the value and impact of your rationalized Customer Experience Lifecycle (CXL) and integrate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives into CXL, pinpointing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to enhance both customer experience and financial outcomes.

R: Roadmap for CXL improvement and CSR Innovation

  • Develop an in-depth roadmap that smoothly integrates Customer Experience Lifecycle (CXL) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), leveraging art as a powerful communication medium and new revenue stream. This roadmap outlines the strategic path from our current position to our desired future state for CXL and CSR.

E: Execution and Engagement

  • Execute the roadmap, leveraging art and creative communication to engage employees and customers effectively while rationalizing people processes and technology across the customer experience lifecycle.

S: Success Measurement and Reporting

  • Establish robust metrics for measuring the success of your CXL/CSR-enhanced customer experience, demonstrating its impact on communities and enhancing your brand.

We specialize in enhancing your customer experience lifecycle by rationalizing people, processes, and technology to boost top and bottom-line performance. Our innovative revenue model sets us apart through the Art Impact Zone, a dynamic art installation in a location of your choice, showcasing your commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Join us in integrating CSR seamlessly into your organization and making a meaningful impact on communities and your bottom line.

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