Birth of the Sea - ARTLIT™

The Scuba diving off the St. Lucia coast is marvelous.  John Harrison captured this photo of a Christmas tree worms while out on an expedition.  They are called that due to their Christmas tree-like shape and nothing more.  Each distinct worm has two colored crowns that jut out from their tube-like bodies.


Whether you’re seeking the tranquility of a beach, the electrifying elegance of a jellyfish, or the majesty or the coral reef, our water images are a beautiful addition to any room.


Photo by John Harrison


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Our ArtLit Box displays bring the stunning photography of our donor artists to like with full LED illumination, created in custom handmade box frames. Unlike some backlit art, our Artlit’s use the highest quality printing and production processes available:

  • Gold-Standard LED-Illumination Technology

  • Duratrans (Fujitrans) Continuous Tone Printing

  • Flexible Framing Sizes and Configurations

Birth of the Sea - ARTLIT™