Fire Underwater - ARTLIT™

Fire coral bursting from the ocean floor as a neighboring fish glides by.  It looks like lava flowing from the ocean floor.  The cold water freezing it before it could grow.  Coral is a sturdy creature, but we are increasingly making it hard for them to survive and thrive.  60% of our world’s reefs are at risk due to human influence.  We should want this fire coral to keep burning bright. 


Whether you’re seeking the tranquility of a beach, the electrifying elegance of a jellyfish, or the majesty or the coral reef, our water images are a beautiful addition to any room.


Photo by John Harrison


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Our ArtLit Box displays bring the stunning photography of our donor artists to like with full LED illumination, created in custom handmade box frames. Unlike some backlit art, our Artlit’s use the highest quality printing and production processes available:

  • Gold-Standard LED-Illumination Technology

  • Duratrans (Fujitrans) Continuous Tone Printing

  • Flexible Framing Sizes and Configurations

Fire Underwater - ARTLIT™