Ice Water - ARTLIT™

Like rogue puzzle pieces floating on a table.  Ice slowly drifts in the freezing water of Lake Michigan.  The lake takes on a dark turquoise color in the winter, giving it a thickening look.  Scattered all along the lakefront are these huge ice formations bobbing to and fro.


Did you ever feel like you could reach out and touch the ice or water in a photograph and get wet? Seeing the natural beauty of ice flows and crystals rendered in minute detail and backlit with our technology is a transformative experience. These images will “wow” friends, coworkers, colleagues, and will look stunning wherever you hang them.


Photo by John Harrison


Did you know that 25% of every sale on Artfully Giving™ supports social and environmental nonprofits?


Our ArtLit Box displays bring the stunning photography of our donor artists to life with full LED illumination, created in custom handmade box frames. Unlike some backlit art, our ArtLit´s use the highest quality printing and production processes available:

  • Gold-Standard LED-Illumination Technology

  • Duratrans (Fujitrans) Continuous Tone Printing

  • Flexible Framing Sizes and Configurations

Ice Water - ARTLIT™