Nature´s Blessing - ARTLIT™

A small herd of African elephants takes a quick rest under the branches of a large acacia in the Serengeti. These creatures, which are the largest land animals on earth, are considered a keystone species in Africa. They play a critical role in their ecosystem. In the dry season, they use their tusks to dig up water beneath dry riverbeds and create watering holes for other animals. They also eat up to 300 pounds of food a day, which turns into dung, which is full of seeds that help spread plants across their environment.


From the Serengeti to the rainforest, our photographers have captured wildlife in all its majesty.  Brilliant birds, lordly lions, bathing hippos – you’re sure to find a gorgeous image to match any style.


Photo by John Harrison


Did you know that 25% of every sale on Artfully Giving™ supports social and environmental nonprofits?


Our ArtLit Box displays bring the stunning photography of our donor artists to life with full LED illumination, created in custom handmade box frames. Unlike some backlit art, our ArtLit´s use the highest quality printing and production processes available:

  • Gold-Standard LED-Illumination Technology

  • Duratrans (Fujitrans) Continuous Tone Printing

  • Flexible Framing Sizes and Configurations

Nature´s Blessing - ARTLIT™