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John N. Harrison

John Harrison has been a travel and nature photographer for two decades. His work has been featured in National Geographic, showcased on network television, and used for visual reference in research and documentaries.

John discovered his passion for photography while learning another passion, scuba diving. Underwater photography was a challenge in the early 90s as digital was not yet available and his first camera was a NikonosV underwater film camera with all manual controls.


John made several trips to Grand Cayman and studied under Cathy Church a world-renowned underwater photographer. Eventually, John went topside with his camera but his love for the ocean remains strong.

Once topside John's passion for photography continued and one of his photos from a  Safari in Africa was published by NatGeo

Most recently John's technology background as VP of Customer Experience at Salesforce inspired him to take his work from Web2 to Web3. This journey is now enabling NFT art inspired by his photography while offering NFT's for the rest of us.  A crypto wallet is optional! 

This is an entirely different implementation of NFTs and art, as the NFTs themselves have no intrinsic value. Instead, their value is measured by the funds they raise for charitable causes.

ArtfullyGiving's vision for NFTs is to revolutionize the way that art is used for charitable causes. Instead of NFTs being purchased as a speculative asset, we see them as a powerful tool for raising funds and awareness for important causes. Our approach is to use NFTs as a digital container or receipt for physical artwork, with 25% of the profits from the sale of the physical art being allocated to a specific charity that has leased the NFT from ArtfullyGiving

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