John Harrison

John Harrison has been a travel and nature photographer for two decades. His work has been featured in National Geographic, showcased on network television, and used for visual reference in research and documentaries.

John lives in downtown Chicago with a view of the city that changes constantly with the weather and light. This photo, entitled ‘Blue Hour,“ is a photo taken from his window at 6:38 am.

The blue hour is the brief twilight period that happens twice a day when the sun is below the horizon and the residual light takes on a mostly blue shade that is invisible to the eye but can be captured beautifully with a camera’s lens. ”Blue Hour“ represents everything John loves about photography - that it can help reveal the beauty of the world around us that often goes unseen. John loves photographing during the blue hour and has many works that incorporate this naturally occurring event. This photograph is available as an Artlit.

John discovered his passion for photography while learning another passion, scuba diving. Underwater photography was a challenge in the early 90's as digital was not yet available and his first camera was a film camera with all manual controls.


John made several trips to Grand Cayman and studied under Cathy Church a world-renowned underwater photographer. Eventually, John went topside with his camera but his love for the ocean remains strong and why his first campaign with ARTFULLY GIVING is the ocean series.