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Educating & Empowering Underserved Children

Just For Humanity believes that education is a human right and that its mission, to educate and empower underserved children, is the best way to break the cycle of poverty and create a sustainable future for all. Just For Humanity envisions a world where every underserved and homeless child has access to quality education to reach their potential. This will also contribute to healthier families, improved gender equality, and more stable communities.


Just For Humanity is a US-based 501.c.3. It is managed by an all-volunteer team that is passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of vulnerable children and shares a desire to give back. The team embraces diversity and the unique perspectives and backgrounds of all its volunteers, partners, and supporters to create a brighter future in which each vulnerable child we support has the opportunity to succeed academically and achieve their potential.  

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Browse a category below, and 25% of profits from every sale of merchandise will be donated to support Just for Humanity.


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Donate any dollar amount
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Donate $1,000 or More & Receive...

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Empowering Children, Change the World

Just For Humanity has 27 children in its tuition scholarship today and our campaign goal is to add 20-25 more talented and ambitious children to the program this year, so they can also get access to a high-quality education. 


We simply cannot do this without your openhearted support. It costs $350 to $1000 to educate each child depending on the location so we hope that you will consider making a donation so more wonderful, inquisitive, and vulnerable, young children can start to get the education they deserve


We are excited to introduce you to two of the children that we support. Please take a look at the short videos to get to know them, their interests, ambitions and family circumstances. 

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Guy Coles - CEO

Although education is a human right, there are millions of children around the world that don’t go to school today or only receive a poor-quality education.  


During a career that took him all over the world, Guy has witnessed first-hand how so many children continue to miss out on an education and how this has limited their opportunity to realize their talents, escape the cycle of poverty and support their families.

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