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If You Close Your Eyes lighthouse can help you. ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan

Lighthouses exist at the intersection of safety and danger, illustrating the delicate balance we face in life. They inspire us to find our guiding light, persevere through challenges, and seek refuge amidst the storms of existence. They have the ability to remind us of our capacity to overcome adversity, find purpose, and guide others through darkness. By embracing our inner light, we can illuminate the lives of those around us and navigate the seas of life with resilience and grace. However, to benefit we must keep our eyes open.

I spend my time between two countries. From the rugged beauty of Michigan's Upper Peninsula to the picturesque landscapes of the Lower Peninsula I have the opportunity to capture lighthouses nestled amidst sandy beaches, rocky shores, and charming coastal towns. The changing seasons and weather conditions add depth and variety to my images, creating a rich tapestry of moods and atmospheres.

On the coasts that surround the United Kingdom, stunning lighthouses perch on dramatic cliffs or nestle in quaint seaside villages. Through my lens, I can capture the timeless allure, maritime heritage, and evocative stories that these lighthouses embody. However, my goal is not just to document their physical beauty but also to convey their symbolic significance pointing us to the real beacon that will guide us to safety, and inner peace amidst the storms of life.

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