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Road to Ngorongoro

Contrary to popular belief, the most fascinating revelation about elephants that I learned on our journey to Ngorongoro is that their journeys to specific places are not driven by an instinct to die together. Instead, it is the gradual loss of their teeth as they age that ultimately leads them on these remarkable migrations. As their teeth wear down from a lifetime of grinding vegetation, elephants must seek out specific types of nourishment to sustain themselves.

In particular, older elephants, lacking the ability to properly chew tougher plants, must resort to feeding on a specific type of grass called star grass, which thrives in wet areas. Sadly, this star grass does not provide them with the necessary nutrition they need to thrive, and they begin to suffer from malnutrition.

It is this malnutrition that eventually takes its toll on these majestic creatures, leading to their inevitable passing. Thus, the notion that elephants gather in certain places to die is a misconception born out of a profound truth – their instinctive search for the specific sustenance required to survive as their bodies age.

This newfound understanding deepens my appreciation for the intricate balance of nature. The elephants' journeys to these wet areas symbolize not only their struggle for survival but also their profound connection to the rhythms of the natural world. It serves as a poignant reminder that even the mightiest creatures are subject to the relentless passage of time, bound by the delicate interplay between their bodies and the resources available to them.

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