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What does it mean to be artfully giving?

The phrase ‘artfully giving’ does not simply mean to dispense art left and right. It reflects a desire of the creative soul to share its creations in an impactful and beneficial way. To get a better understanding, let’s first break down the term. The verb, giving, implies one is providing to or for another, and in this case, through charitable or philanthropic means. The adverb, artfully, according to Merriam Webster, is defined as, “performed with or showing art or skill.” With that said, one can find that to be “artfully giving” is to provide philanthropy via art.

Benefactor of Society

The scores of social and environmental issues of our time have not gone unnoticed by the masses. However, despite there being many who wish to help, there are very few in this world that can provide significant enough contributions to affect real change on an individual level. And while there are a great many ways that collectives have found to have a positive impact on specific causes positively, there are few resources that can provide an unlimited and continuous mechanism for change.

Nevertheless, the concept of artfully giving is one of those few resources. As previously stated, not every social and environmental cause can be beneficiary of the goodwill of only the few who have the funds to make an impact on their own. All the same, creativity is one of the most readily available resources in the world. An individual rarely needs vast funds to affect change if and when they possess the ability to create and inspire. To tap into the infinite well that is artistic expression allows Artfully Giving to establish a vast model of generosity that provides hope for an honest and positive impact.

Artistic Change

artfully giving

Just like the art itself, the charitable nature and intentions of Artfully Giving are vast and diverse. Similar to how the mediums of a piece of art can vary, so too do the multitude of organizations that are impacted by Artfully Giving’s campaigns. They range from charities combating homelessness, to wildlife and environmental conservation, to public health. Artfully Giving’s model is a transparent and upfront distribution system that prioritizes its philanthropic campaigns even above its own profits. Nonprofits such as the CHESED Homeless Prevention and Residential Center, World Wide Fund, The Humane Society, St. Jude, and Direct Relief–to name a few–all equally receive a first priority donation of between 25-50% of the profits of every sale of art, depending upon whether the nonprofit acts simultaneously as both beneficiary and campaign manager or strictly as the beneficiary of a sale. From there the remaining 50% of the sale is split evenly between the artist themselves and Artfully Giving. Additionally, Artfully Giving’s nonprofit partners are also able to receive unlimited 100% tax-deductible cash donations through any and all campaigns.

Artfully Giving, at the core, simply desires positive change of all kinds where creativity can thrive.



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