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Welcome to the world of Art Impact Zone Bundles!  We are thrilled to introduce The Art for Impact Zone, an exceptional addition to your corporation's space. Immerse yourself in the seamless integration of art through thoughtfully displayed artworks complemented by QR codes that unlock a unique donation process.

Africa Wildlife Foundation
Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust


Campaign profits not specified to a specific campaign are evenly distributed between these organizations every quarter.

Click on the tiles below to learn more about each.


Direct Relief is an organization that provides medical assistance to people in need around the world. They provide emergency medical supplies, medications, and other resources to help people affected by natural disasters, conflict, and other crises.


St. Jude Children's Hospital is a world-renowned hospital that provides cutting-edge medical care to children with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. They also conduct research to improve treatments and find cures for these diseases.


Habitat for Humanity is an organization that works to provide safe, affordable housing to people in need. They build and repair homes in partnership with families and communities, helping to provide people with a foundation for a better life.

The World Wide Fund is a Swiss-based international non-governmental organization founded in 1961 that works in the field of wilderness preservation and the reduction of human impact on the environment

Screenshot 2023-05-16 at 1.24.14 PM.png

The Human Society fights the big fights to end suffering for all animals and, with your help, we'll achieve the vision behind our name: a humane society.

Want to See Your Organization Added to this List?

ARTFULLY GIVING is working with nonprofit stakeholders to help them raise money for the greater good of our planet and to support human and animal rights. Contact us to see how your nonprofit organization or mission-based company can get involved.

Email us your details at and include information about your organization. We will promptly review the info and get back to you to discuss partnership opportunities.


We appreciate your desire to make this world a better place!

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