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Artfully Giving Photography




We are a community of artists, stakeholders, and corporate Partners, making the world a better place in a whole new way with Artfully Giving, by donating 25% of profit of every sale of pro photography and accessories to social and environmental nonprofits.

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ArtLit Illuminations

Artlits are beautiful backlit fine art pieces featuring the work of Artfully Giving’s contributing artists. See the video below to learn about the proprietary ultra-transparent continuous tone printing process that makes these pieces so unique. In some galleries, this style of print sells for tens of thousands of dollars. However, because the rights to the images for Artlits are donated to raise money for charity, we are able to sell them here for much less than their retail price. We create these pieces in-house and do not charge royalties or agency fees so we can donate more to the causes you care about most.